The Revitalize program is one of my favourite programs to lead. The results I have seen in participants is absolutely amazing and inspiring. It is a gift to guide others on a path of transformation and optimal health. On this page you will find all the information that you will need about the program, how to sign-up, and links to get you excited!

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 If you answered “HELLZ YES!” to any of these questions, then the REVITALIZE program is right for you!

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The 4 REVITALIZE Pillars: CLICK on the image below to learn more!

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Program FAQs Answered!

What people have to say about the program:

“Thanks again Mel for all the super info and lovely encouragement!!

I tried a lot of the recipes you sent and enjoyed them all! I find it really helpful for someone like me who was really knew to a lot of these foods. I know learned SOOOO much about cooking and healthy eating! Can’t wait to keep trying new delicious healthy recipes!
I REALLY enjoyed this experience!! I established goals at the start of the experience and re-read them at the end to see what I achieved. I truly understand now just how drastically food affects you. Not only did I have more energy but my mood was so much better after the first week. My main goal for the experience was to kick my sugar addiction, and although it’s too soon to tell now… I feel confident that I no longer feel the same about sugar!
One thing that I gained from the experience which I wasn’t expecting to was how much I learned about cooking and about nutrition and healthy foods (thanks to you Mel!). I have come to really embrace the whole cooking experience from finding knew and tasty recipes, to going grocery shopping and preparing the meal! That is one thing I will definitely continue to do!
Although I am going to go back to eating sugar on occasion, I am going to try to make the commitment to only having healthy foods in my home. I have learned a lot from this experience and I will continue to be aware of what I eat. I would DEFINITELY do this again!! And maybe next time even kick it up a notch (like completely cut out dairy!)

I would recommend this experience to everyone!! I knew it would be a challenge… but when I came face to face with certain challenges, it turned out to really be not that bad! I am proud of what I accomplished and can’t wait to do it again!” – Katherine Laporte, 26 years old


“A summary of the changes resulting from Cleansing
1- Blood circulation improved:
-blood pressure reduced by 10 points (100/65 to 90/60)
-recovering faster from strenuous exercise, feeling more healthy.
-more adapted to heat (more time needed in the sauna to sweat).
2-Weight loss
-although not aiming at any loss as I was expecting an offset with higher bone density and muscle mass with exercising everyday.
Day 1=161 pounds, Day 25=152 pounds ( net loss=9 pounds)
3- Enlightenment
I am learning to cultivate Loving Kindness and could not have a better teacher than you Melissa. You are breathing love inside out . I don’t want to omit Marlene who is so inspiring and also touching my heart.
My mind has more clarity and I feel better in providing and having a more effective response to issues, problems and concerns. I feel a transformation is taking place and time will be needed to integrate all new learning that you have provided.

Your efforts, dedication and love are so motivating and producing results in me.
I feel privileged to have you in my journey.
With all my Thanks and Love