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If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done! – Unknown

Welcome to Part II of your four part “Spring Cleaning” series!

So last week I showed you how to tune your Wheel of Life in order to jump into spring! If you haven’t completed that amazing exercise get on it by clicking HERE! (After reading this post of course!)

I wasn’t sure whether to start with the topic of letting go or adding what you want as the ideal topic for Part II. I ended up going with what my gut says, it is often right. You see I generally believe that in order to let go of something you must be clear on what it is that you are adding to your life. This belief ties into how I emphasize all the great things you will be adding into your life during the 30-day Revitalize Cleanse Program instead of what you are taking out. For example smoothies, green juices, quality sleep, love, exercise, gratitude, etc! Sure sugar, alcohol, coffee, and anything that causes inflammation in your body is out, but isn’t it more fun to look at all the amazing stuff you’ll be taking in?There are exceptions to this belief and we will cover these next week!

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Today I am sharing with you a simple exercise that can dramatically increase the amount of clarity that you have in your life. And since CLARITY = POWER you will want to do this exercise!

It is very simple.

1) Take out a blank sheet of paper.

2) Draw a big circle in the middle of the paper…don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, but in case you are a perfectionist like yours truly, use a bowl to draw it out!

3) On the inside of the circle write down all the things that you want in your life, from emotions to specifics. Let it out!

4) On the outside of the circle write down all the things that you don’t want! Don’t censor yourself! 

Et voila! Simple! Inspiring and empowering!

Note that you might write things that you can’t avoid in life such as sadness, but when you start focusing your energies towards creating more of what you do want, there will be less time spent on the things that you don’t want. Isn’t life grand?

*NB I have borrowed this exercise from the lovely Susanne Conrad, creator of IGOLU. She is an incredibly powerful woman full of spirit and wisdom. Check out what she is up to on her site HERE.

So take action now! Take out that blank sheet of paper and get all that you want and don’t want down on paper! Crank up your favourite tunes and have fun!

 Leave a comment below with the 3 things that you want to add into your life!

The Revitalize Cleanse Program starts on May 1st! Be sure to get yourself sign-up for what is going to be the most amazing 30-days of your life! Healthy eating. Positive thinking. Happy exercising. And a whole lot of LOVE! Plus shedding a few extra pounds from the winter never hurt anyone’s bikini! 

And it’s FREE!

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