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Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. – Robert Tew.

Here we are already Part III of this Spring Cleaning blog series. Now that you have tuned your Wheel of Life and become more clear on the things that you want and don’t want in your life, it is time to look at what it is that you need to let go of in order to propel you forward.

In my experience letting go is a process, a practice, and an art. I am by no means a master of letting go, apart from letting go of clothes, I have mastered that. I do catch myself attached to the past and particularly to things that are out of my control. You see, I like it when things go my way, when my plan is seamless. However, you and I both know that in life, things don’t go as planned and we need to learn to roll with the punches. Practice has made me better at rolling with the ups and downs of life and letting go is one of the most revitalizing things that you can do!

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If you’ve ever taken one of my yoga classes you have experienced the amazing feeling that comes with letting go. Toe stretch is probably my favourite pose to demonstrate the beauty of letting go. In this pose I have you sit back on your heels with your toes tucked under. Not only does it do wonders for your hard working or running feet, but it is one of the best feelings to come out of this pose and experience that rush of energy that comes from letting it go! Try staying in the pose for at least 1minute and let me know how it goes!

Diamond Yoga Pose Side View ChickadeeSays for runnersDiamond Yoga Pose with Cow Face Arms Back View ChickadeeSays for runners

Once you’ve stretched out your toes and rolled up your mat, here are 4 areas where you can practice the art of letting go! Remember that letting go is an ongoing process, no need to rush the process, just commit to practicing and take action! Notice the emotions of relief, lightness, and aliveness that you feel when you take action in letting go of the things that no longer serve you!

Your breathe: You might not be aware that your breathe is constantly showing you how amazing letting go feels! Try this exercise and you will understand what it is that I am talking about. (Seriously, do it!). Take a deep breathe in, 1,2,3,4,5. Hold it. Hold just a moment longer than you think you can. Then….LET IT OUT! Sigh it out. Doesn’t that feel amazing? Notice that throughout your day you might sigh and release tension through your breath. Once you sigh out what you have been keeping in you might notice that it is easier to breathe, that your muscles are more relaxed, and you feel more energized.


Your closet: You know those jeans you bought a size or two too small as a motivator to lose those extra pounds? Listen gorgeous, it is time to get rid of those jeans that have been hanging in your closet for over a year! I used to have a pair of these and every time I would look at them I’d feel bad about not having reached my goal. I would try them on from time to time and think something was wrong with me! Truth is, it’s not you, it’s the jeans! Let go of clothing that doesn’t make you feel sexy, beautiful, and comfortable right now! Once you let go of those garments that make you feel like you should be any different than you are today, you will start spending more time rocking those pieces that highlight your gorgeous and unique curves! Never be a slave to fashion baby! Let fashion bring out the beauty that you already are!


Your kitchen: If letting go scares the hell out of you, start in the kitchen. Look at the expiry dates and start by tossing the items that are over-due. Then move on to getting rid of that candy jar you keep on over-indulging in. I know that I shouldn’t have ice cream in my house, when I do I know that it won’t stay frozen very long! Why would I torture myself instead of filling my fridge with foods that I know will nourish my precious body? During the Revitalize Cleanse Program that starts on May 1st, letting go of those foods that make you feel any less than freaking fabulous are OUT! Processed sugar, coffee, dairy, red meat, gluten, and alcohol are all being let go of in order to make room for delicious goodness! Tons of veggies (remember those?), leafy greens, salads, fruits, smoothies, water, herbal tea, healthy oils, and nutritional supplements will clean your system inside and out! If you want a spring cleaning like none other you need to let go and make room for the great things in life! We will wrap-up this Spring Cleaning series with the Revitalize Cleanse Program taking centre stage on the blog next Monday! *Be the first

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Your past: Remember that comment your mom made on your way to prom? Or that guy who cheated on you on your anniversary? Move on. It is time.  

Ask yourself; what did I learn from these experiences? how have I grown? how would it feel to let go of the negative feelings associated with these things?

I know it can be difficult to let go of things that have caused you pain, but trust me, embracing all the amazing things that are in your future are way more exciting! There was a point in my life where I started feeling grateful for the men with whom it didn’t work out because I knew deep down that they were allowing me to move one step closer to the right one! There is always something positive that comes out of these things, you just need to trust the process and know that the universe is on your side. That is, if you don’t resist the process! Let go!


Once you have practiced letting go in these 4 areas you will feel more confident to dig a little deeper and jump a little higher. The more you let go, the more abundance you create for yourself and others. There is something truly magical that happens when you start living all the amazing things that come your way after having let go of those things that were holding you back. Your life is precious and you need to start deeply embracing that fact. You don’t have time to waste on people, places, and things that dim your light. So go on, let go of your computer for a few minutes and take some deep breaths and start your practice of letting go!

Leave a comment below with the 1 area of your life where you will start!

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